Getting Started (🐶,🦴)

Before Getting Started

This is a Community Edition Launch: As part of our commitment to community ownership, the Tally team wanted to get a working version into the hands of our users - both to get your feedback and so you can see what we've been working on!
This is a Community Edition Launch: The Tally team was focused on getting a wallet in the hands of the community by the end of year. In order to hit this deadline, we we were not able to include all of the features that you might expect from a full-featured wallet. All of these features are on the near-term roadmap, and many of them will make it into the first full alpha product launch.

Known Missing Features:

  • You won’t be able to create a new wallet (you can only import an existing seed or add a watch-only address)
  • You can only import MetaMask recovery seed phrases, not seeds from other wallets
  • Can’t update password
  • No Swaps
  • No ledger support
  • No testnet support
  • No custom RPC
  • No address derivation, single-address only
  • Advanced fee selection
  • Can’t remove or edit/rename accounts
Things to remember: The Tally Community Edition is a pre-alpha release of the wallet, so please use with care. If you don't know what you are doing, please do not use the pre-launch edition of this product. Only test with small amounts and join our Discord!

Installing the Wallet


Follow this link to install the Tally Wallet Community Edition for Chrome!


Follow this link to install the Tally Wallet Community Edition for Firefox!

Getting Started

Go through the initial splash screens after installing. Make sure to read the hints and info!

Installing the Wallet

The Tally Community Edition does not currently have the ability to create a new wallet. This version currently only supports importing existing MetaMask wallets. You can use the wallet in one of two ways: Explore Tally by entering an existing address to get access to a Read-only mode, or choose Import seed to add the recovery seed phrase of an existing MetaMask account. Note: if you choose to Explore Tally, you will be able to upgrade the wallet later in order sign transactions and connect to dApps. At any point, you will also be able to add a new wallet.

Explore Tally: Read-only mode

For the read-only edition of Tally, you will only need to provide an address, and you will be able to explore the features of the wallet! However, you will not be able to sign transactions - this means you will not be able send/receive transactions or perform some actions when connected to a dApp that requires signed key material. You will be able to interact with dApps using Tally Explore mode with any address you choose, as long as it does not require key material.
If you want to upgrade the wallet so that you can sign transactions, all you need to do is Add a Wallet​

Import Recovery Phrase: Import Wallet from MetaMask

Note: If your MetaMask wallet has multiple accounts, only the first will be visible in the Tally Community Edition. If you have funds in other accounts, those will NOT display in Tally. Don’t worry—they’re still safe in your MetaMask wallet.
Before you can import the the wallet, which will allow you to sign transactions and interact with dApps, you will need to create a password (this will allow you to unlock your wallet in the future when sessions time out, to protect your account). Then, you will need to import the recovery phrase from an existing MetaMask account. Once you have the recovery phrase, you just need to paste it into the text box - then you can turn your 🦊into a
Again, you can add as many wallets as you would like: Add a Wallet.

Add a Wallet

Importing a new account is simple in Tally! Simply click the icon at the top right of the wallet, and then click "+ Add Wallet" on the new screen! You will then be given the option to "Explore Tally" or "Import Recovery Phrase" again.
Click on address to see all accounts
See all accounts with the balances. Easily switch between accounts.
Easily add more wallets

Join the Community

Now that you've started to use the Tally Wallet, take part in the conversation, find your dogpack, and become part of our community by joining our Discord!
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