Wallet Features (๐Ÿฆด, ๐Ÿฆด)
This section will give an overview of the UI components found in the wallet and a brief description of each feature.

Connect to dApps

Please note: If you have another wallet that has set wallet as default ON, please turn it off to test Tally
If you run into any issues while testing dApp connections, you can try refreshing the website. This will fix many issues.
Things to remember: The Tally Community Edition is a pre-alpha release of the wallet, so please use with care. If you don't know what you are doing, please do not use the pre-launch edition of this product. Only test with small amounts and join our Discord!
Connect to your favorite dApps using Tally! Once you have Tally installed, go check out one of the dApps you regularly use.
If the dApp already directly supports Tally, you will see something like the following when clicking "Connect Wallet":
A dApp with Tally already supported
If the dApp has not already built out support for Tally, you will probably see an option "Injected" button:
Note: Tally is set as your Default Wallet when you install it. When Tally is set as your default wallet, some dApps might bypass the wallet selector modal and go right to a connection authentication screen. You can turn off Tally as the default wallet in the Settings page.
After you select Tally, you will be brought to a Connect to dApp confirmation screen. You will be able to see which dApp is trying to connect, which account is connecting, the current account balance, and what permissions the dApp needs. Then you can Confirm or Reject
Once the dApp is connected, a new icon will appear in the top menu to show that your account is connected to a dApp. You can click the button to see which dApp you are connected to and to disconnect the connection as needed.
You can now use the dApp as you normally would! Remember that this is a pre-alpha Community Edition release. Please only test with small amounts. Any dApp actions with the contract will show up in the Activity Feed as "Contract Interactions".

Top Menu

Account Switcher

The icon at the top right indicates which wallet you are currently using - the address or .eth will be displayed. Clicking on this button will allow you to switch between accounts, see respective account balances, and add additional wallets.
Click on address to see all accounts
See all accounts with the balances. Easily switch between accounts.
Easily add more wallets

Wallet View

The Wallet View gives you information about the current account address that has been selected. This screen can be thought of as the homepage for the Tally Wallet. In this view, you can access the total account balance, see what assets are held by this account, and the balance per asset. There is also an Activity Feed to see the history of actions associated with this account.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed provides convenient access to the actions taken by the account. In the Community Edition, actions are divided into Sent, Received, and Contract interaction. In future versions, Contract interaction will be broken down into more granular categories of actions. If you have imported a wallet, pending transactions created by Tally will show up as "Pending" in the feed.
Note: actions may take up to an hour to appear in the Activity Feed.


This unique feature in the Tally Wallet provides a look across all accounts in a single view.
The Overview page becomes extremely useful when you have multiple wallet addresses and multiple assets across those accounts. The Overview feature gives you a single view across all your accounts to get a Total Balance across all your assets across all your accounts, it gives you the number of addresses, and the total number of distinct assets across your accounts. Below, there is a table with a row per asset giving the current price of the asset and the summed total balance for that asset across all your addresses.

Signed Transactions

Once you have upgraded your wallet by importing a seed recovery phrase from MetaMask, you will be able to perform actions that require key material to sign transactions.


When the Tally Wallet has key material from an import seed recovery phrase, two new buttons for "Send" and "Receive" show up where the "Read-only mode" was before on the Wallet home screen.
Upgraded Wallet: Post seed import


After clicking the "Send" button, you will see the Send Asset screen. Here you will select an asset from the drop down, set an amount, and paste in an address. You will also see the estimated network fees, which Tally gets from BlockNative. You can edit the transaction settings to set your preferred Network Fees by clicking on the gear icon to set speed/priority. After clicking "Send", you will get a review screen with an overview of the transaction, where you can either "Sign" or "Reject".


Receiving assets in your Tally Wallet is simple - just click the Receive button, and either copy&share your address or use the QR code!

Signed dApp transactions

When connecting with your favorite dApp, you will likely be able to interact with some features of the dApp in Read-only mode where the Tally Wallet presents the dApp with the address you entered. However, if any functionality requires key material for a signed transaction, you will need to upgrade your wallet.


The right most button in the navigation panel at the bottom of the Tally Wallet is for Settings. Currently there are only two settings, but more will be added in the near future.
The "Hide asset balance under $2" setting is in case you have a large number of assets with low value and/or low quantity and you want to keep a simplified view of your assets.
"Use Tally as default wallet" is toggled "on" when you install it. If you need to switch to using another wallet, you can toggle this "off" instead of uninstalling.
There is also a button that connects you to join the Tally Discord, so you can join the community and give feedback!
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